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  •         T&H GLAZE was established in 1992, by CHINA GLAZE CO., LTD.(Taiwan)in China Mainland, which especially produces ceramic glazes,color stains,zirconium silicate and other relevant materials for ceramic industry. It has formed a completely system including producing, researching, marketing, designing and technical service etc. T&H GLAZE tries the great efforts to lead the Chinese ceramic industry to stride into the high quality field as her responsibility, and untiringly so as to promote international competitiveness of our national ceramic industry. 

             T&H GLAZE has established companies and branches in each main ceramic industry production area in China for timely supply, swift after-sale service and technology. Nowadays it has set up「GUANGDONG SANSHUI T&H GLAZE CO., LTD.」、「SHANGHAI T&H GLAZE CO., LTD.」、 「SHANDONG T&H GLAZE CO., LTD.」、「Jiajiang branch」、「Foshan office」, sale-service nets being covered all over the country and offering the prefect and swift service to numerous ceramic factories. The whole investment amounts of those companies and branch offices is hundred million dollars. Furthermore, for providing advanced services and expanding markets, it established the「SHANGHAI DUN HONG TRADE CO., LTD.」in the march of the 2009 to meet the customers’

    requirements of complementary products .       

        Hitherto, T&H glaze has kept pace with international famous brands. Since the operation, T&H has paid high attention to TQC because of we believe that quality is the company’s foundation. T&H GLAZE takes the lead in getting the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Strict quality control system and a series of QC methods preclude the defect of the quality instability which occurred in the other ceramic glaze, therefore it received the approval and a favorable view by the domestic and international ceramic line. After 20 years’ development, T&H GLAZE acquired the titles of “High and New Technology Enterprise”, “ Customs Credible Enterprise”, “Abide contact and Attach Advanced Technology Enterprise”, “Guangdong provincial Advanced Technology Enterprise” and etc. T&H GLAZE also took possession of “Models of Tax payer” “Credible Enterprise” in the State Revenue consecutive years and the products of the company have rewarded the “Provincial Brand Name”.

               In 2007, T&H Glaze was responsible to constitute the Ceramics Industry Standards for the People’s Republic of China Building Materials Industry: JC/T 1046.1-2007 《GLAZES AND STAINS FOR BUILDING AND SANITARY CERAMICS SECTION 1: GLAZES FOR BUILDING AND SANITARY CERAMICS》and JC/T 1046.2-2007《GLAZES AND STAINS FOR BUILDING AND SANITARY CERAMICS SECTION 1: STAINS FOR BUILDING AND SANITARY CERAMICS》. In 2009, it was responsible to constitute the National Standards for the People’s Republic of China: GB/T 23460.1-2009《TESTING METHODS ON PROPERTIES OF CERAMIC GLAZE SECTION 1: HIGH TEMPERATURE FLUIDITY TESTING-FUSING AND FLOWING TESTING》. In 2013, it was responsible to constitute the National Standards for the People’s Republic of China: GB/T 29758-2013《FRIT FOR CERAMICS》. T&H made its contributions for the nation, society and ceramic industry.

                T&H GLAZE not only developes advanced products, provides industrial application, but also pays more attention to environment protecting, energy-saving, emissions-reducing and cleaner production, and was titled ”Guangdong Provincial Cleaning Production Enterprise” in 2009. T&H Glaze provides complete career planning and welfare measures for its employees…; returns the operational efficiency to customers, employees and society, creates the operational principle of value-sharing.     

                 T&H GLAZE inherits the excellent and successful quintessence of China Glaze CO., Ltd(Taiwan)and introjects the wisdom and potential capacity of Chinese, with the managing concept “Sincerity, Excellent, Innovation, Sharing”, insisting on the quality policy of “Best quality on the products, Satisfactory service for the customers, Continuous innovation on the research” hand with ceramics industry, trend to be the top of ceramics world.